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A brand’s customer loyalty program cannot be one size fits all. If executed correctly, a brand’s personalized loyalty program can lead to building a customer base that feels empowered when they shop, creating repeat customers. Do you view a loyalty program as an engagement and communication tool for customers? You should!



As a business processing payments, a mandatory part of your data security is reporting PCI compliance every year. SaferPayments Managed by Worldpay from FIS® is new and can help guide you through this reporting with just a phone call, freeing you up to focus on your business.


SaferPayments Managed offers the ability to get step-by-step guidance from compliance experts to help you become compliant and complete your PCI validation. You also get a suite of security and breach assistance tools to help protect your business while assisting in avoiding PCI Non-Validation fees.



Peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment apps are making it faster and easier for people to send money to their friends and family. Its popularity has many wondering if Zelle® can be used for your business? The simple answer is yes!



A huge amount of payment data is used to identify factors that contribute to non-fraud-related declines. So, what does that mean to your customers? Learn more about transaction authorizations and the stages of the payment lifecycle: pre-authorization, authorization, and post-authorization. See how detecting fraud in these steps protects you and your customers.



Read how we provide American Scaffolding and Industrial Rope with ongoing guidance, education and early fraud detection capabilities, empowering this construction supply firm to reach new payment heights.



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