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Earlier this month, the Global Payments Report was released and brought some actionable insights and relevant facts about payments. The report also showed how the use of digital payments has increased and this has changed the view of the future of payments. This article talks about the five most important charts from this year’s FIS Global Payments Report.



This video will help you understand how chargebacks, or disputes, work and how to manage any chargeback claims made by your customers.



Listen to Christy Overman, owner of Bubbles & Bows!, talk about her journey to conceptualize and grow her business. Bubbles & Bows! is a small business retailer specializing in personalized balloons and custom balloon displays, garlands, helium bouquets, and bubble balloons. Learn how she works with Worldpay from FIS to help increase her business sales, track inventory, and keep her customers coming back for more.



In a recent Forbes article, Joe Camberato speaks about what fintech is and its impact on business owners. “Fintech can help business owners save time, cut costs and improve how they manage their money.” He also mentions five different ways to help a business owner improve their business processes.



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