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According to the 2023 Global Payments Report, account-to-account payments continued to increase to account for $525 billion in global e-commerce transaction value. In addition, expanding real-time payment systems will benefit consumers at checkout by providing a faster, safer and more convenient way to pay. Read the press release for more details on the emerging trend, the global forecast and the recent shift in balance of the way U.S. consumers pay.



Tax season is upon us, and it is important for small business owners to be able to maximize their profits. According to this recent Forbes article, small business owners should find out the ways to maximize the deductions they qualify for in order to save more money and put it back into their business.



It’s time for some spring-cleaning and not just your house, but your business too. There are many benefits for a business to do some spring cleaning. This recent Fox Business article will offer tips to help business owners streamline their day-to-day workflow and freshen up their business strategies.


When a customer joins a loyalty program, they are doing so to save money. Businesses offer customer loyalty programs to acquire new customers and retain current ones. Creating and offering a loyalty program that caters to all generations of consumers can be difficult, but knowing how each generation is motivated on their spending can help businesses with their loyalty programs.



The way a consumer pays for the items they buy is always evolving. Our smartphones have opened up new pathways for purchasing and it is more about the journey and ease of shopping for the consumer. For in-store shopping experiences, it is a matter of providing a choice for both the merchant and consumer. Merchants must be able to provide the consumer with an experience that is both seamless and easy.



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